Copter 4x on Holybro Durandal


I thought I’d try a Holybro Durandal FC and installed it on a +quadcopter. I flashed the latest Copter 4.0.x.

Running through the setup after a compass swing, I find the #3 motor won’t turn. That’s the front motor of a +quad.

I step back through all my settings and nothing is amiss. I load up BLHel_32 and can talk to that ESC fine and get the motor to turn. Swap all the cables back around and load up my quad param file and swap #3 servo cable with #4 at the FC and the failure follows it there. Then I setup AUX5(servo13) as #3 and all works.

It appears there might be an internal failure at MAIN #3.

Does anyone have another idea what might be causing this before I go the RMA route?


Not following all of that but if it runs in BLHelisuite it’s not a hardware problem with the FC

Hello Dave:

While I stand to be corrected, the Durandal, like a Cube, needs to have the servo cables moved to the AUX ports to allow BLHeli_32 to connect to the ESCs via the FC param passthru. BLHeli_32 won’t connect while the servo cables are connected on the MAIN ports. That’s the basis of my not very clear comment that I can connect to all of the ESCs via BLHeli_32.

And having the failure follow the servo cable swap from #3 to #4 seems to be a red flag, no?