Copter 4.1 tradheli h4 swash plate virtual angle


I don’t find param for set the virtual angle on H4 swashplate.

There is only 45 or 90° on H_SW_TYPE param, but my heli is 34°…

I also found param: H_SW_H3_SV1_POS (AP_MotorsHeli_Single): H3 Generic Servo 1 Position and the same params to set 3 servo on H3 swashplate, but I’m in H4 swashplate with 4 servos…

can I use theses params?

I need help to set my swash plate.

Thank you ardupilot team.

@kuspower No. unfortunately you cannot use those Params as they only apply to the generic 3 servo swashplate.

Is it possible that you can rotate your inner (rotating) swashplate 30 deg. I guess I didn’t realize that the 4 servo swashplates would require a phase adjustment.

Thinking about this more. I would recommend that you use the available option that gets you the closest to your phase requirement. 11 deg off is not that bad. Or rotate the rotating swashplate the 11 deg to make up the difference.

Just for my further understanding of your requirement. What rotor head and swashplate do you have? if it has instructions for setting the phase, I would like to see it. For many of these stiff rotor heads, I don’t see any adjustments for the phase lag due to the stiff rotor head.