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Copter-4.1.0-beta5 Auto mode test flight

4.1.0-beta5 auto mode test video.
I didn’t find any major differences from the previous version, but after flying it several times, it’s very stable.
Thank you to the developers for their efforts.

How do I make it land in the original nose direction after RTL?

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I was going to say there’s a parameter to configure a channel as a switch for reset to armed yaw (option 12) but I don’t see any x’s by it on this chart at the link below. Do you see that as an option in your parameters?

My guess would be to land in the yaw direction when taking off initially.
Thank you.

If WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR is set to 1 (“Face next waypoint”) then it should rotate back to the initial takeoff yaw once the vehicle has arrived back at home. … if the pilot has moved the yaw stick though during the return then it will stop updating the yaw and it won’t rotate back. It is possible to disable the pilot’s yaw input (during RTL) using the RTL_OPTIONS parameter (which is new for 4.1).

If this advice doesn’t help maybe post an onboard log and I’ll have a look…

Thanks for testing 4.1!

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