Copter 4.1.0 and Kakute F7

Hi! I try to test 4.1.0 on my 2 copter with Kakute F7. One difference is a ESC. One copter have 4in1 ESC and second ESC on each motor. All copters fly with INAV. But in Ardupilot i have problem. If i start FC with USB power and after that connect 4S battery, all work. If i start copter on battery only, one of motors (right/back) not work. I swapped ESC, motors… same side (right/back) not work.
I tested 4.1.0 on matek 765. All work fine.

Hi, could you try different dshot speeds to see if it makes any difference?

Ok. I tryed all types of ESC from list. Normal - DShot1200. Its not work. If i start copter on battery i listen 3 beeps (do, re , mi), after FC loadet 2 beeps (do, re). Armed and only 3 motors rotatings. Sometimes 4th ESC entering in colibrating mode.
If i star FC on USB, wait loading programm and after that connecting the battery, i listen 5 beeps (do, re, mi, do, re), arm the copter - all work.

Ok second thing to try - increase SERVO_DSHOT_RATE. The default is 0, try setting it to 5 (assuming your loop rate is 400Hz)

I don`t see this option.
may be SERVO_RATE?

Are you sure you are using 4.1?

Yes. How i can to check it?
ArduCopter V4.1.0-dev (0190a42e)

That’s about 2 months out of date - please upgrade

YES!!! It work, i flashed firmware from yesterday. But. Restarted copter 5 times and 1 time i get ESC in callibration mode.

Can you report which settings you used that worked?


One more question.
On Matek 765 it work with standard settings from matek web site.

  • SERIAL_BAUD = 115
  • RNGFND_TYPE = 32
  • FLOW_TYPE = 7

I used some settings for kakute board and ardupilot does not define sensors.

Optical Flow is feature limited out on Kakute F7.

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Thanks so much @dkemxr!

By the way, in the future we hope the work by one of this year’s GSoC students will result in a “custom build server” that will allow users and developers to more easily pick the features they want and don’t want allowing them to includes features that might normally be skipped due to flash space, CPU or memory limitations.