Copter 4.0 extended tuning

copter 4.0 for Heli / pixhawk 4 mini

Hello, in 4.0 in extended tuning the fields" rc7 - 10 opt". are “empty”, nothing to activate.
In the parameter-List no descriptions for the values.

the same for “min” and “max” for the tuning-knob ch. 6.

Mission Planner issue, not Arducopter. MP often trails new releases. Use the Full Parameter List all the functionality is there. Update MP to beta often, these things get addressed.


Hi Dave,
thank you for the tip!
After Beta-upgrading MP it seems ok now!


i have a further problem now with 4.0:

when i switch to “althold” (or poshold…) the swashplate(s) jumps to the upper position (= H_COL_MAX) and cannot be moved. The heli jumps in teh sky!

what can it be? in 3.6. this works fine, and i did’nt make any changes.


Post this in the Traditional Heli thread Holger, you will get an answer quicker I think.

hi dave,
ok, i will do so