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Copter-3.6.0-rc2 available for beta testing


(Joe Breznai) #35

Thanks for checking / fixing the Polygon Fence issue. I will test rc-2 when available
Fast Work !

Copter-3.6.0-rc6 available for beta testing
Copter-3.6.0-rc5 available for beta testing
(Joe Breznai) #36

Poblem with Compass CAL: “Onboard Calibration using RC Controller stick gestures”

Under ChibiOS 3.6.0 rc-2 and rc-1, there are no “Beeps” from the buzzer while doing, or at completion. Tested on Quad Pixracer only, under Chibios software.

Compass Cal triggered via MP telemetry works OK with bars moving and saving results.

However; using RC Stick Commands there are only messages on HUD and " Messages" Tab about Cal starting. At end you get a message only in the “Messages” Tab, that it is complete and the need to reboot.

Using Stick Command it seems to work OK, just no beeps to let you know where you are without a MP screen to look at.

Thanks again for all the great work.

(brandon macdougall) #37

I also noticed this on RC-1 not tested compass cal on RC-2 yet.

(Pete) #38

Any pre-compiled firmware for the CC3D mini revo?

currently using the version outlined on the wiki that i had to compile. Works well except the compass is not very good so getting EKF fail safes, not sure if its the board the mounting location or something in the code, only an mini quad so mainly using in acro or stablise, so the fix in this beta would be nice.


(brandon macdougall) #40

Quick note ChibiOS on the mRo v2.1 loiter mode is choppy. I will check calibration offsets. Any idea what i can do to smooth out? fine on nuttx rc-1

(brandon macdougall) #41

Here is a side by side running in gps. also when downloading log Mission Planner give error messages durning the downloading.

(Randy Bachtell) #42

Uploaded 3.6rc2/chibiOS on two cubes with APsync, one with Edison and one with TX1. Both fly very well but only the Edison links with GCS. The TX1 works fine with nuttx and with chibiOS I can connect to ardupilot hotspot web page but no heartbeat detected.
Overall the upgrade to rc2 and chibiOS look very good, will do more comprehensive testing when weather clears.

Cheers, RB

(brandon macdougall) #43

mRo classic pixhawk… after upgrading to ChibiOS from RC-1 to RC-2 I am encountering this pre arm error.

Frame: QUAD
ArduCopter V3.6.0-rc2 (2a4b7805)
u-blox 1 HW: 00080000 SW: EXT CORE 3.01 (107900)
PreArm: RC16 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC15 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC14 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC13 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC12 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC11 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC10 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: RC9 minimum is greater than trim
PreArm: Hardware safety switch

Falling back to RC-1 ChibiOS removes errors.

(Joe Breznai) #44

@quadsours; I also saw same thing today using a generic Pixhawk, ( will pull cover off quad to see which one I have in there- guessing 2.4.6, it’s been a year since I last flew it!) but all the ch 9~16 trim, min, max values were off. I reset ch 9~16 values in Parameters list to same values as ch 1~8 and resolved problem. 8 flights today with no other issues.

I did have issues when connecting to MP to flash 3.6.5 rc-2. I can connect to MP OK, change things etc., except when updating software. When I got to the disconnect FC message box, I had to hit the “OK” and re-plug FC in within a second; any longer delay in reconnecting the FC, and MP and MP would not see FC type and fail flash. I thought perhaps that was why my ch 9~16 values were off, but perhaps not. Will try and a second Pixhawk later today and see if it does the same. I only did the upgrade in the ChibiOS version, not trying the Nuttx version first as I did in rc-1.

No such issues with my PixRacr.

Also noticed that when downloading Data Flash Logs from todays flights, my HUD goes nuts rolling and throwing an error during the download process. Never had that happen before.

(brandon macdougall) #45

Same issue with errors during log download. I think mRo classic is 2.4.6 as well. Noticed a big lag in radio feedback when checking channels then it started to show movement.

(Joe Breznai) #46

@quadsours Ok: it sounds like it’s not us! Guess its; time to go back to the shop and play some more!

(Mike Boland) #47

Setting up a brand new Pixfalcon today with ChiRC2 and received the “PreArm: RCx minimum is greater than trim”.
Had to go through the parameters and set RCtrim manually to 1500 for all those channels to get rid of it.

I am also finding the external I2C channel will not drive anything.
I have an OLED display and RGB LED’s I usually put on the seperate I2C connection on the Pixfalcon.
The other is combined in with the GPS socket which I leave as is, so it only connects to the compass in the M8N.

Has anyone else had I2C issues with the new version?

(Eric Wikramanayake) #48

Does this release require re-calibrating the ESC’s. On arming, motors reved up without any throttle input and was unable to disarm. If it does not require re-calibration will investigate further with initial settings. DYS BelHeli ESC’s being used.

(brandon macdougall) #49

Hi had the same issues with RC x min… changed them from the information above and able to fly… 12C seems to be working I have my GPS and usb-led connected. mRo pixhawk FC.

(brandon macdougall) #50

mRo v2.1 perfect flight in stabilize loiter is awful, I see a voltage jump when in GPS Please take a look if you can. Bin:

(Nagib Nizbrdica) #51

I have big problems with DYS XSD 30A v2 ESCs, after every calibration they seem to “discalibrate” randomly. Maybe you can try to add some real capacitors, someone recently posted great measurements of voltage spikes using oscilloscope. Or you can try DSHOT, it is supported on DYS ESCs. Personally, I gave up, these ESCs caused some real damage to my wallet already. Btw this is not issue of 3.6, I had problems with these ESCs on arducopter 3.5 as well.

(brandon macdougall) #52

I can recommend esc’s from Ready to fly quads. I use them and little bees.

(Paul Atkin) #53


i am not sure what gives - is it an issue or i messed up something again?
it flies ok now on rc2- but i have lost current reading - it seems to be showing now 0.3-0.4 value always as it refuses to accept multiplier? why? on 3.5.5 all that works fine…


looking at params list this bat_amp_pervolt is set correctly to 36.3. but it does not show up in the MP and during flight statistic for current also stays at 0.3A which is obviously bogus.

(brandon macdougall) #54

Hi Paul, did you try using Mission Planner Beta?

(Paul Atkin) #55

it is a latest beta, from what it updated itself into. second screenshot shows its build number.
Again, i have all same params set as in 3.5.5.

Lua script during test flight was also showing wrong value, so i guess CURR computation itself is somehow broken, but, why?