Copter 3.4-rc1 flight today went well

Copter built on chopped (330mm) Turnigy Talon v2 carbon frame has an AUAV-X2 FC, X-Rotor 20A ESCs, runs 2814 kv870 SunnySky motors, 8045 Gemfan carbon/nylon props, 4s 2600 65c LiPo, AUW = 1.45Kg
I had one of the 3.4-dev releases running previously, as I was testing external baro (so required 3.4 to use GND_PRIMARY=1), but switched to the -rc1 version today. Flew a couple of packs this evening and both flights went really well (to be fair, I didn’t notice any real differences compared to flights with the dev version I had previously (version from early March) which flew very well also.

Just for info, this quad is a bit over powered - THR_MID = 300, but flies really well (not great on battery life sadly).

I tested modes: Pos hold, Loiter, AltHold, Stabilize, Brake, RTL

When I get better weather (less wind) I will try acro and the acro trainer options to see if they both work now (before, either option gave no limits (allowed flips etc)

Paul, thanks very much for giving it a try and reporting back!