Copter 3.4.6 : Not able to enter into Loiter mode when motors are armed

Hello every one,

I am using copter 3.4.6 on my pixhawk wtih px4 flow. I bypassed the px4 flow sonar to the 6V adc of pixhawk. Not the drone is at very good Alt Hold mode.

But for the loiter mode, when I tried switching from RC, it is beeping twice and the mode is not changing and its being in previous mode only. Its not showing any error messagess in the logs.

My params are

Please help me in this regard.

You sure you have good enough GPS lock to get loiter activated?

Hi @BigTulsa

I am trying to fly the drone in indoor. I don’t have a GPS lock. Is it necessary to have a GPS lock to try loitering with optical flow ?

I have tested in the outdoor.

GPS HDOP was 0.71 and 11 satellites are connected.
Then I was able to enter into loiter mode with optical flow.

Please help me in this .