Controlling the servo from the Misson planner

I am trying to use my servo autonomously by using waypoints with the do set servo command in Mission Planner. Before doing this, I just want to turn the servo on and off using the mission planner (without touching the remote). Question: Can I make the servo move using just the mission planner? What path should I follow?

From the Servo/Relay Tab.

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Thanks Dave !
You mean exactly the one in this picture, right?

No. That version of Mission Planner is form 2015! Update it.

Like I said the Servo/Relay tab located from the Data screen under the HUD.

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I’m pretty novice at this. Please don’t be offended. Here is a picture I found in the servos section of Ardupilot. This should be the part at the bottom of the data screen. If it is to be done here, can I activate it directly using the high and low buttons after making the connections? What does the toggle key mean? I couldn’t find anything useful about it.Screenshot_20210706-152431

This is the version you want. Go to the Help screen and press the Check for Beta Updates button at the bottom.
Toggle will produce a short high pulse output.

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Thanks for all your help Dave. I hope it will work.