Controlling Deployment Mechanism via PWM Servo | Need Help

Is there anyone here available to help modify Ardupilot and/or QGroundControl so a colleague and I can set a deployment mechanism to operate via the “video recording on” and “video recording off” commands?

We tried using the “gripper” commands and that worked somewhat, but was just too complicated to set missions up for the user and then resuming the mission after an RTL (like for a depleted battery) skipped the gripper waypoints where the mission left off.

Using the camera trigger, the problem was we could only leave the deployment mechanism on for a maximum of 5 seconds (the max shutter speed duration) before it auto cuts off.

We are also open to other/custom solutions if anyone has ideas or suggestions. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to let me know if log files or example flight plans would help to clarify what we are working to accomplish.