Control of peripherals not possible using arduplane 4.1.0 and RFD900 radio

I have on bench a matek h743 all setup . When I connect via crossfire everything works .
When I exchange the RX with a RFD900ux modem everything works …EXCEPT smart audio and
the functionality of any relays . The transmitter is x9d+ and CRSF is replaced with PPM in order for
RFD radio to work at all .
Why would commands for the 4 basic flight functions work but not the others .
At one point I had similiar problem with crossfire but fixed it by selecting 12ch mode . All the peripheral control channels are over ch8 .
However the RFD radios have nothing to do with channels at all it seems , simply taking a PPM stream and transmitting whatever is in there .
Unless Im misunderstanding these RFD modems , lovely non functional gems they are .

Are you using a TXMOD in theX9D+ or sending PPM from from crossfire or the X9D itself to a bare RFD900UX ?
Check on the channel output screen of the X9D+ to see if you are getting all channels out. Also check the radio calibration screen in MissionPlanner.
If you are not getting the correct number of channels then recreate the model manually (or even a new model in OpenTX Companion) and you should be able to get up to 16 channels out. Assign a switch or something to the highest channel number so you can test it.
I had trouble with converting an existing model, traditional FrSky receiver, over to RFD TXMOD. It would only do 12 channels instead of 16.
So you’d end up with a model for Crossfire and a model for RFD

If possible change over to using SBUS with the RFD, there’s so much less jitter (than PPM) and it respects link loss and throttle below failsafe. There’s no physical wiring change, just a setting in the RFD tools and changing from PPM out to SBUS out in your transmitter.

I’m using TxMOD in x9d radio . I’ll give example . I have push button on top of radio set to transmit high signal over ch11 .( camera record on off)
With rfd TxMOD/rfd900ux such a move causes servos on ch1-4 to twitch . In MP on radio calibration page the screen lights up . Output on radio shows correct output on ch11 and no place else ! I get random outputs on many channels at the FC at the same time from this push button . I have a few relays defined for multiple camera switching . On crossfire it’s flawless . On rfd , junk . I’ll throw a switch to change cameras and I get twitchy outputs all over the place across many channels …. And the camera never switches . No smart audio control either . With new 4.1 you can change vtx power with a knob on radio .
Power level shows up in osd .
Flawless operation with crossfire , the rfd causes random power output changes . Sometimes it will give full power when the knob is turned all the way down . Other times opposite , other times nothing at all .
Something is seriously screwed up .
I have one rfd900x ( the larger modem) that will not give a solid green no matter what I do . Initially I was able to get it bound , not anymore .
I get flawless performance with crossfire , no problems beyond the fact their WiFi module is bogus and doesn’t work . If it did I would never try a different system .
I’m an old timer in the hobby who thinks back to the good old days when RC was about building and flying .
Now I spend 5x more time playing half ass computer engineer , not happy . The rough equipment they sell doesn’t help .
Ardupilot has been quite the handful but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as using and setting up arduplane . I’ve built a handful of fixed wing UAVs , they have been flying fine if I do my part for over a year now ……they are crossfire powered !

I went into RFD tools and did see all the choices for setting gpio-1 output to SBUS instead of PPM .

There’s only one problem , when selecting any of these SBUS settings the software refuses to save the changes . I get a “ command set” error .
So I can’t use SBUS

I’m running RFD firmware 3.16 on all devices , TxMOD and rx .
I tried loading the new 3.38 firmware but I end up with radios that will not bind . They tell me both ends need same rev of firmware .
I’ve done that , the firmware revision shows up on the rfd tools screen ( very similar to MP SiK radio screen ) .
Both sides are the same but it does not work .
This rfd radio is an absolute nightmare !
Even if by some miracle this junk ever works I want to move away from it .
What other systems have worked for you . Have you tried dragonlink .

I have RFD868x 3.38 FW running here with SBUS. Works great for me. Better than Crossfire.

So I guess every user has a different opinion :slight_smile: