Continue mission after autoland

today i have tried autoland for the first time: It works beautifully! For my usecase I want the plane to land and stop on the runway (it does that perfectly already). After that I want it to start taxiing (with about 1m/s based on the GPS speed) to a specific point/muliple points on the runway. I am currently tying to get it working using the simulation feature in missionplanner. My problem is, that the mission is stuck in the land mode. how can I modify the mission, so that it moves on to another mission item? (something like change speed and afterwards waypoint)

(next problem would be, that I use continue and change alt direktly after landing to handle go-arounds…)

I just found in the source (AP_Landing_Slope.cpp type_slope_verify_land):

// we don’t ‘verify’ landing in the sense that it never completes,
// so we don’t verify command completion. Instead we use this to
// adjust final landing parameters

so I guess it is impossible to do an autonomous taxi…
I will have to take a look at lua then to achive this?

After successful landing you can do a MISSION RESET.

Or switch by GCS to any other waypoint in your mission.

Good luck!!

Hi, thanks, but both options require manual action by the operator, sadly thats not an option (I also will not use a GCS in the final usecase after testing is complete)