Constant gyro and gps "bad health"

Setting up a new Pixhawk and continuously getting bad gyro and bad gps health (not always though, about 1 in 4 chance). No spinning horizon but the data flash log from the motor tests show ERR: GPS-0 and ERR: GPS-2 together. It’s running two 3DR GPS/mag units (mag not used on the second). This is the third Pixhawk for this unit. The first had a defective telemetry port and the second one wouldn’t acc calibrate. Any Ideas? It’s mounted to a 1300mm X8 with U8pro motors and 28" propellers, pretty serious if were to go crazy lol!

I also have a new purchased pixhawk from this January, and have a permanent bad gyro health message and simultaneously impossible to succeed an accel calibration. My az is -1300 which seems an issue.
Can 3dr confirm this is a bad board?

Update on my troubleshooting : the pixhawk card is indeed defect. The gyro chip probably, due to the bad gyro health message I observed and that stays permanently.
I tested the same drone, swapping with another pixhawk I had, and all problems gone.
So that a direct return for warranty application.

I seriously think, reading the long post on about gyro and accel problems, that a whole batch of cards produced recently are bad. Mine was bought end december 2014 and that corresponds to other similar observations from other users having the same issue.
Please, 3DR keep an eye on quality control. This caused me a very embarrassing situation in front of my customer…

Everything seems fine now, but this is a replacement I got around the same date as yours… Sending it back will make it the 4th returned Pixhawk. Don’t really want to take any chances though, it’s lifting an AL3 lidar.

If the replacement is bad it will show soon enough. So just test it without the expensive payload and if all goes well there are no reasons it would later fail.