Connection 2 pieces LeddarOne problem

Good day!
Such a problem. I have two sensors - LeddarOne. Firmware 3.5.7.

  1. I want to use one sensor to stop in front of the obstacles and send it forward.
  2. The second sensor to measure the height and send it down.
    A sensor that is pointing down is connected to the SERIAL 4/5. The sensor which is directed forward is connected to TELEM 2.
    In the parameters: SERIAL 2 in SERIAL 4, I set the 9 RangeFinder and 115200.
    Parameters: RNGFND 1/2; PRX; AVOID set everything in accordance with the instructions.
    Two sensors refuse to work together Writes: “Bad Lidar Health”.
    If I in one of the sensors put the parameter RNGFND - “0”. That second sensor works fine. Together the two do not work(
    What could be the problem? Where is it determined that one sensor is a height sensor and the second is an obstacle sensor?

Good day. Installed firmware 3.6.2. It all worked

Is there any chance you can share some insight on your parameters for setup? I am trying to run 2 LEDDAR One modules also. one for altitude ranging, and the other forward facing for ranging (obstacle avoidance). Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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