Connecting Sky Viper to Mission Planner

VERY new Sky Viper pilot here, had a Sky Viper that I was just getting a handle on with Mission Planner and had no problem connecting it to Mission Planner. Unfortunately, it had a couple of bad crashes and I was forced to replace it. I took the same basic steps: Connected the Computer to the Sky Viper Wifi, opened Mission Planner, put in UDP 115200 921600 and if fails to connect. What am I doing wrong? It still connects to my damaged Sky Viper, but when I attempt to connect the new one, it just keeps saying Mavlink Connecting…forever. I have flown my new Sky Viper, uploaded the Ardupilot Firmware and still no luck.

Fixed it, just had to setup my Sky Viper wifi as a “Home Network” vs. a “Public Network.” Whoops.