Connecting Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Motor Driver L298N has a stable voltage output of 12v on Motor Driver L298N

I have connected x8r, pixhawk and motor driver L298N. The picture is attached below

I am setting it on a Skid Steering. The servo outputs show my desired skid steering.
Pixhawk’s Main OUT 1 and 3 are connected on the Motor Driver L298N’s ENA, IN1 and ENB IN4.
Whenever I try to move the controller, the voltage output is constant to 12v when its supposed to vary according to the change in the controller. Did I miss something in the auxiliary here? Thanks for the help

That controller is not directly compatible with the type of PWM signal output by your autopilot. ArduPilot outputs RC/servo PWM. The controller expects a duty cycle based signal.

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Wait, I’m a little bit confused. If it’s not really compatible, how come it worked in this video?
Sorry, I’m just new to ArduPilot. Thanks :smiley:

As far as I can tell, that should not work based solely on the wiring shown in the video. The demonstration has the wiring completely blurred, and I fear it may be misleading.

The other thread in which you posted has the same conclusion.
Need urgent help setting up L298N V2 motor driver and DC Geared Motor using Pixhawk - ArduRover - ArduPilot Discourse

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Oh so we’re somehow wrong about this one.
Last, how about if Pixhawk is connected to Sabertooth Motor Driver

Most Sabretooth drivers can be configured to directly use ArduPilot’s servo output.

Oh okay. I guess we’ll just use the Sabertooth then for Pixhawk. Thanks a lot, Yuri! This helps a lot.

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