Connecting arduino to a flight controller

Hello, I want to know if it is possible to make an autonomous fixed wing UAV with this flight controller (or any other cheap one like it) and an arduino uno, mega, nano, pro micro, or whatever. It is to have a set flight path and follow it.


Link to Flight controller:

That’s how it all began:
12 years ago

All I found on the ardupilot forums and websites were people using pixhawks. could you point me in the right direction on were I can find how to do it what I have. also how to upload the ardupilot code to the Arduino and get it working with the computer. thanks so much.


ArduPilot no longer works on Arduino-based platforms (many years since this was the case), as there was not enough CPU/RAM/Flash. Compatible hardware is listed at

What would be the cheapest way to do it. I am on a tight budget here and don’t have $300 to blow on a flight controller.

hello,you could make at very cheap use arduino uno or nano or or pro mini as the flight controller for fixed wing aircraft or for multirotors
using multiwii firmware which is freely available on the internet

Then will that work with autonomous flight? also any links to pdfs or things like that that give me a list of the necessary components such as gps and altitude.


Many of the flight controllers on the list I posted previously are less than $300. Popular examples are the Matek and Kakute flight controllers.

I know but many of them are not available where I live. I live in South Africa so I’ll probably use the Arduino route with multiwii.

ohh but the multiwii limitations are you can connect gps to arduino but it is very difficult but you can easly connect barometer,compass and optical sensor to it here is the link for the code

the components recommended are
1)arduino uno or nano or pro mini
2)mpu6050 gyro and accel
3)ms6115 barometer
4)hmc5833l magnetometer

but you really want to make fixed wing with autonomous system use omnibus f4 v2 pro flight controller with ardupilot firmware it is very much cheap