Connecting APM to 3DR Telemetry Kit

I recently purchased a 3DR 915MHZ telemetry kit from Amazon (knock-off I’m sure). It came with a 4 wire cable (DF13 style I think). One end has a 4 wire 5 pole connector and the other end has a 4 wire 6 pole connector. The APM “TELEM” port is 5 pole and the 3DR is also 5 pole. Am I missing something? Did they send me the wrong cable? The 3DR website offers several DF13 cables.
Will they work and are they the correct pin-out (TX to RX, RX to TX)?

There are a few implementations of 3DR Telemetry radio on the market. It would be much easier to help if you put photos for the radio an cable.

I already returned the item. I was hoping to get more information before I purchased another one.