Connecting a Spektrum radio

I am confused by the connection of the Spektrum radio to the Pixhawk. It appears that there is supposed to be a cable to go from the Spektrum receiver to the Pixhawk, but I don’t see that cable on the website. I read on here where someone first bound the receiver and the satellite, and then just attached the satellite to the Pixhawk at the SPKT/DSM connection. But that would get you a reduced signal, as if you were only using a parkflier receiver.

Hi Drewjet,

For Spektrum: you bind the receiver with the satellite and then you just connect the satellite to your (PX4 / Pixhawk)

Yes it does have reduced range because you are simply running off one satellite receiver.

This is not an ideal situation it is simply a way to allow those with Spektrum transmitters to use their systems without having to purchase a new transmitter.

Basically it is a trick that works because the satellites communicate with the Spektrum receivers via PPM-SUM,

Unfortunately the Spektrum receivers cannot themselves communicate directly with their vehicle via PPM-SUM.

The only other solution is to get another complete system that is compatible with PPM-SUM such as FR-Sky, Fly-Sky, Graupner or Futaba

FR sky does have modules that will fit in some transmitters such as JR and Turnigy to make their transmitters compatible with FR-Sky PPM-Sum capable receivers.

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Here is the pixhawk guide for your reference: … rev3_3.pdf

I don’t know the impact on the signal strength by using only the satellite but another option is to use a PPM encoder with the PWM spektrum receiver (like the AR8000) here is the link of the PPM encoder referred from the pixhawk product page but it is out of stock at this moment.

Thank You for the help.