Connect Ublox Neo 6M to PC

Hello, I have an ublox Neo 6M and I want to connect it to my PC with an FTDI cable. I found this:

“Connection Option #1 – FTDI cable
You will need an FTDI cable and a GPS adapter cable to connect the GPS to your computer. If you have never plugged an FTDI device into your computer, you may need to download and install the Virtual COM port driver.”

I also instaled Virtual COM port driver.
When I connect the USB to my PC I do not see anything. In device manager there is no port open. Can you help me please?

Unless your PC is a Mac, Windows will detect and install the appropriate FTDI drivers when the FTDI cable is plugged into the PC USB port. The GPS does not have to be attached to the FTDI cable for this to work. If your PC is a Mac you are probably going to have problems.
I have built a uBlox GPS to FTDI adapter cable that does the trick. You need to have basic soldering and electrical knowledge to get the cable built.
I would uninstall the previously installed driver and let Windows do the work.

Thank you for your response. I had also build an adapter cable. But I think that I doesn`t use the approprieate USB cable. I used one from an old keyboard. Can you send me a photo with your cable or please tell me waht USB cable did you used.
Windows is not responding in any sense when I am connecting my cable.
I will atach a photo with my cable.

Here is the photo:

I used an FTDI cable from Adafruit
It used to be $12.95 USD about five years ago.