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Connect to Pi3 USB wifi adapter instead of built in wifi

(Kapios) #1

Hello everyone, would someone please help me to figure out how to setup and use my RPI3 external wifi dongle MT7601U (wlan1) and not the default (wlan0) onboard antenna? I am using the APSync image from ardupilot.
I already setup my companion computer, and when I connect my USB wifi adapter and I run the command " sudo iwlist wlan1 scan | grep ESSID " i can see the surrounded wifi access points near my RPI3
Thank you!!

(peterbarker) #2

Well… that seems to be working well enough so far.

What did you want to actually do with the device?

You might like to google for “nmcli tutorial” - that’s the usual way to
configure this sort of thing from the command-line.


(Kapios) #3

Thank you Peterbarker for your answer,
I am trying to disable onboard wifi (wlan0) and use dongle (wlan1) to increase the connection range.

(Kapios) #4

Actually when i connect my USB dongle MT7601U to my RPI3 model B i want this to be used as interface and not the onboard small interface. At this point now i can see both wlan0 and wlan1 on,

(Kapios) #5

when i disable the wlan0 by adding " blacklist brcmfmac blacklist brcmutil" in /etc/modprobe.d and sudo reboot my companion computer uses the external wifi dongle by setting it on wlan0 interface , but the problem is the ardupilot wifi access points disappears also.