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Congratulations to AKAMAV for winning IMAV 2016!

(tridge) #1

Huge congratulations to team AKAMAV from Germany for winning the 2016 IMAV competition. Great to see an ArduPilot based vehicle winning another big UAV competition!

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(Olivier Brousse) #2

Ardupilot not only winning but also dominating IMAV 2016 and the Outback Challenge “Medical Express” 2016. [Quad]Planes and Copters …

Congratulations to AKAMAV, and what a year for Ardupilot!

From AKAMAV’s blog:
… “As most teams we used the pixhawk autopilot with APM:Copter with an onboard companion PC. Noteworthy other components were a sonar for water pick up, a self designed PPP GPS receiver for precise delivery, lots of servos for dropping things, an IR-Lock infrared beacon for precision landing and a usb-camera on a servo gimbal for live mapping” …