Component Weight: 5.8Ghz Video Antennas, TX, etc

While I’m on the topic of updating 3DR Store data (Cloverleaf Antennas) do you think it might be helpful to list more weights, in grams? There is often a shipping weight or combined weight for some items (Cloverleaf Antenna page lists 75g!) and users must dig through forum posts to engineer their vehicles.

While not a support issue, per se, I’d like to ask you to consider adding per-item weights on each product page. If that idea is workable, I’ve started listing some at … e=activity and will paste the relevant content below:

Video Component Weight as I measured them:

“Tiger 900mAh 3S25C lipo - 63.2g
200mW VTX w/ power cable - 26.0g
5.8Ghz antenna - 8.6g
CCD camera - 25.1g
camera mounting bracket/screws - 4.5g
OSD w/shrinkwrap, cables - ~12g
(optional) 5.8Ghz Clover antenna w/ cover, bent RP-SMA - 18g
(optional) 5.8Ghz Clover 3-lobe antenna w/o cover, straight RP-SMA - 6.8g
Don’t forget to add weight for any additional mounting hardware, cable management”

Hi Michael,

Weights have been added to the antenna page. We will make every effort to include component weights for all products. Thank you for your feedback!