Completely New and considering IRIS+

Hey everyone,

Please bear with me. I’ve become extremely addicted and interested in quadcopters. I’ve done a lot of searching, and flown micro and mini quads to learn the mechanics. And a good friend of mine mentioned an IRIS+ as being the next quad he wanted, I’m wondering what all there is to know about having one, or getting started, but also… Is it a good all around quad that is fun to fly if I just want to fly sometimes? I am interested in video as well with my GoPro and I know this is good for that…

It’s either this, or a Spedix type racing quad setup and I just don’t know and can’t find enough about either to know where to start.

Any advice would help greatly especially if it’s just general advice about getting into the hobby!

Welcome to the madness! Shop around, and read all the reviews you can find. The Iris+ is very hard to beat, as far as what you get for the buck. Especially the prices on Amazon. $599 for a complete ready to fly quad, radio, telemetry, Pixhawk system, with way point auto flight ability. Hard to beat. Yes, I own 3 of them! :smiley:

Thank you for responding!

I have definitely been reading as much as I can on everything.

A huge question I have about the IRIS+ is whether or not people use manual flying for fun and is it pretty speedy for when I don’t want to use a camera and gimbal and just wanna have some fun messing around

Bought mine 3 weeks ago now have a gimble ,gopro ,made my own fpv cost about $80.00.Have been bitten by the bug love this quad

Yes, with the tall legs removed and gimbal it is quick and fun to fly. That’s the way I fly most of the time. The design is ideal for this type of flight.

When you want to point to a spots on the map and say fly here that’s what it does. Or program a mission and see if you can do it right. It’s a little scary watching it do it’s thing without your input. Never know if you did everything right.

Takes a little getting use to what does want and what you should do to gain control back.


Awesome! Thank you so much for your input,

I think I’m gonna go ahead and buy it as a great first large sized quad and then if I get into it I can always buy a racing fpv one later!