Completely inconsistent flight experiences

Today was my latest round of flights. All on auto, pre planned flights with droid planner2. First several flights went quite well and executed pretty much as planned. The circle function wasn’t great, but I read through forums and I’m guessing the telemetry antenna might have been loose or at an angle.

The best I’m getting is still only about 6 minutes of airtime, but my missions were about 3 minutes, take off to landing. All in all, good flights as planned and I’m happy, though I would like to have the promised 8 minute flight time to be worth charging a client for my time…

On the later missions with stock batteries #3 & #4 things went downhill rapidly. Creating missions with similar parameters, flights would go 50-60 seconds and then the IRIS would rapidly descend to a rough/crash landing, jarring parts loose, etc.


I’m pretty much defeated. Do I send it back? Have someone (more experienced) test it. Punt and go with the DJI option? This thing was supposed to be the better option? I’m not sure now. I have a lot invested in this and I’m a novice RC person. I don’t want to change course, but this is a very expensive “thing” that occupies space in my office and time from my work day(s).


TwoTrees –

You are not alone with the inconsistencies you’ve seen.

Your best course of action would be to upload the data flash logs from your flights. Hopefully someone will be able to review them and help you to find the culprit.