Compiling with WAF - Reading build errors!

Hey everybody,
I recently switched to ubuntu and building with waf. This has eased quite a few of my problems. But, as development continues new errors are introduced into the code. In other IDEs I used to get relatively conclusive compile error messages that would point me to a file and a line and also display some information about the type of error.

Not so when compiling with waf! The most I can make out is the relevant file. Is there any way, I can configure waf to aid me along the way of finding the errors I introduced?

(I hope this is the correct category. If not, feel free to point it out to me and let’s move the thread there!)

Error screenshot

scroll up, you should have the compiler error … on GCS_Param.cpp in this case !

I cannot find anything of which I can make some sense.

This is the error when compiling with verbosity-lvl 0:

I don’t see any additional information about the type of error. It just says, the build failed because of GCS_Param.ccp

I dunno how I overlooked it, but I found the info. :wink: