Compile Ardupilot without bootloader

I need to compile Ardupilot without bootloader at all. I am doing some research on embedded firmware and the bootloader is interfering with my debugging session.
Is this possible? I know that the standard compilation generates a binary for Ardupilot to be flashed using the bootloader or an Ardupilot+booloader binary to be flashed using a external programmer. What I need is simply an Ardupilot binary to be flashed with an external programmer. I don’t need to update the firmware, I will flash a new one for every session of my analysis.

Thanks in advance

The f405 boards generally ship without bootloaders, and can be flashed using dfu mode with the *.hex firmware format.
Would that meet your aim?

That is what I was looking for. I will check if the internal offset of that binary is correct and it is not saving space for the bootloader.
I compiled for revo-mini (f405) and the building folder still contains two binaries: arducopter.hex and arducopter_with_bl.hex.
If that is not correct, I will manipulate the ld script, but I am not sure if that will broke other sections or where I should do it safely.


I found the param BOOTLOADER_EMBED=0 while configure waf by “./waf configure --board xxxxx”
Thinking change this param to 1 could be helpful to this problem.