Compensation for skew placement of FC


Are there any ways to compensate for any skew placement of IMU on the frame?

For eg placing it at some coordinate away from the centre of rotation of the copter

x = 7 cm
y = -3 cm

Because this much offset could throw off accel data when copter is in rotation about its center of rotation.

I am aware of the AHRS_Orientation parameter but that’s only valid when the pointing direction is skew


Thanks for the quick reply @amilcarlucas

But the article mentions

The compensation is only partial because ArduPilot can correct the vehicle’s velocity and position estimate but it does not correct the acceleration estimate

Due to space constraints I was thinking of mounting the carrier board at extreme bottom right corner of the Frame but that would introduce these centripetal forces which the code doesnt accounts for

And i was thinking that this could be easily calibrated by having the copter hover at a particular altitude and then twitch in both directions. This way, the exact amount of accelerations introduced due to rotations could be calculated and compensated for. pull requests are welcome