Compatibility between different flight controller in antenna tracker

Hello, and good day/evening to whoever is kind enough to read this.

I have a question regarding the compatibility of different flight controllers in an antenna tracker setup. Specifically, I use a Matek F405 Wing V2 as the GCS antenna tracker flight controller, while my UAV uses a PX4 Pixhawk flight controller. Both are connected to it’s respective GPS module and telemetry/antenna module.

My question is: Will these two flight controllers be compatible in an antenna tracker? considering both are made by different manufacturers and have different firmware? Are there factor that can affect the performance of these two FC in the antenna tracker or even telemetry system?

Tracker’s Matek F405 Wing V2 FC are connected to a Neo Ublox M8N GPS module, HolyBro 433 MHz TX telemetry module with 433 MHz Yagi Uda antenna, 5.8 GHz FPV Video RX module with 5.8 GHz 23 dBi Patch Antenna, and 2.4 GHz ELRS TX Module with 2.4 GHz 16 dBi Yagi Uda antenna.

UAV’s PX4 Pixhawk are connected to GPS Here 3 GNSS Module, HolyBro 433 MHz RX Telemetry module, 5.8 GHz FPV Video TX module with 5.8 GHz 14 dBi Mushroom Antenna and 2.4 GHz RX Module with 2.4 GHz 3 dBi D-Pole Antenna.

it’s okay, you can have different FC between tracker and your model, any FC supported by Ardupilot will work; as long as your tracker receives telemetry of your model’s coordinates, it will know where to point.