Compass shifts readings when copter lifts


I have a cubepilot Orange and a here3.

When the copter lifts to the air the internal compass shifts its values

  • Does that mean i get interference from the copter setup when the motors go full throttle ?
  • do i have to isolate more the FC ?
  • Is it a good idea to disable the internal compass ?

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If you have near power wires to your FC, then yes.

Best thing to do is moving the autopilot (especially the GPS module that has builtin compass) as far as possible from power wires.

This depends on how it affects the flights.
Did you see any compass related error messages?
Can’t say much from this screenshot.

Hello @Mustafa_Gokce ,

i have it as much cleared out of cables as possible , ill open and do an other check

“Is it a good idea to disable the internal compass ?” the copter behaves great (just finished setting up harmonic notch and am about to autotune) but its super stable i did lots of low altitude flights and some up to 30 meters , didnt get any compass or EFK errors . My question is do i need two compasses ? does it help the FC ? if i have the GPS compass should i disable the internal ?

i uploaded my log if that would help :

@amilcarlucas Thank you for the link , it answers most of my questions. Only one compass is actually used unless it has significant errors , so from what i understand the internal compass is good to have as a back up in case the GPS’s external compass gets some malfunction .

Thank you both!

If you want redundancy, you shouldn`t disable the internal compass. Otherwise, it should be fine. One alternative to it is to use an extra external compass (could be a standalone component or a GPS with compass integrated). Anyway, using the internal compass of cubepilot is not recommendable, their staff recommends external compasses. Anyway, I would recommend you to perform compass/motor calibration.

Thank you for your advise @BrunoBagarini !

i will try that and see how it goes!


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