Compass offset too high

Hello goodnight.
I am trying to complete the setup of a trex 450 pro with APM 2.5.2 and a GPS with built-in magnetometer. Just tried calibrating the compass and getting a pre-arm error compass offset too high.

x -764
y 52
z 103

I am attaching a picture to show where GPS and Mag are mounted. Can this error be solved? I am not sure if the APM 2.5.2 has on board mag meter. I removed the external mag meter and got 0 0 0 for mag meter readings. Why is the x offset as high as 764?

I saw the same message when my 3.3 volt regulator failed and it was sending 5volts over the IC2 bus. Does your artificial horizon in Mission planner look normal (i.e. it doesn’t jump around) when you connect to the APM?

The artificial horizon doesn’t jump around. But I will check it again today. How do I go about checking the voltage of the 3.3 volt regulator?

You can measure it directly on the chip itself, or by using the SPI pins (or cable) if that’s simpler. There’s a entire thread on it here … 2#comments

It’s not fun to resolder, but hopefully that’s not your problem, but it’s good to check.

netflow, thank you so much for the speedy replies. Many thanks. I will mark as solved as soon as I test it. I am very sorry I bought a clone APM, clone GPS and clone 3dr radio. Looking to buy a PX4.