Compass not working on f405

Hello, I have a matek M8Q 5883 connected to DA2 CL2 on the f405 wing board and compass enabled in Mission planer. When I enabled and wrote param it started working. Power cycled and now nothing. What am I missing? TIA

Good day, can you send me pls the log file… a pic about the wiring and settings you have done?

Hello, Sorry new to Ardu, A log file of power up? as that’s all I can do. or a Param file? My wiring is very tight and hard to photograph. It is wired like this

My Param.param (22.7 KB)

Good day l, looking at your wire scheme I’ve saw you have use the i2c bridge port for connect the SDA and SCL… just try use SDA and SCL from the 6pin connector

6 pin connector? I have it wired like the manual and others have, not sure what you mean.

Good day, on the gps board you hsve two connectors… one is JST-GH 6 pin connector and the 2 nd one os JST-GH 4 connector… corresponding to the I2C bridge.
Just try use only the cables from the, 6 pins connector…

I’m using the 6pin. + - tx rx sd sc

just use the one with the black circle as connector

I was able to calibrate the compass via Qground control.