Compass issue maybe

All sensors have been calibrated on the pixhawk cube 2.1 , gps is flashing green , has 13 satellites but each time I ty to arm copter the I get a beep and gps start flashing yellow and mission planner states compass calibration is running and when I disarm the copter gps start flashing green again and compass calibration stops
Any idea of causes

Is it actually armed? The compass calibration from stick is Full Throttle up, Yaw Right. Does it beep continuously ~ 1/sec? If it’s arming you should have a log, post a link to it.

It doesn’t arm , when I put the stick in the arming position that when it starting trying the calibration and when I put the stick in the disarm position gps goes back green and then gives a gps glitch msg

On the Radio Calibration screen are the rc inputs showing correct and in the right direction? I’m assuming not as you are entering compass cal rather than arm.

Just looked and you are right stick is reversed
Don’t even know how that even happened
Dumb me
Thanks a lot