Compass Error when GPS for yaw

I am using two CUAV C-RTK 9P GPS in 4.0.7, GPS for Yaw. Actually, I’m not going to use Compass anymore, but I keep getting “Bad Compass Health” calls. If I set “COMPASS_ENABLE=0” to disable Compass, this will again alarm “” Compass not Health".

Ask for help to resolve this annoying alarm!

Update to 4.1.3 stable. There are a good many updates, including some for a moving base configuration.

Oh, ok. Thank you for your prompt reply.

In 4.0.7, is it possible to solve this problem by setting parameters?

I was unable to do so with early Rover variants based on 4.07, so I’d venture that no, you will not be able to. However, I cannot say that with certainty.

Ok, I got it. Thank you very much for your reply and advice.

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