Compass E & W are backwards

I recently got a new 3DR GPS Compass after a bad crash. I just finished doing the compass calibration and everything looked good, except my E & W are backwards. My Pixhawk is orientated correctly and my new GPS/compass module is pointing toward the front of the Quad.
When I point the front of the quad towards the N the Flight Data page of the mission planner shows it pointed to the N. When I rotate to the S, it shows pointing S. But when I point the quad to the E is shows as W and pointed to the W it shows E???

Does anyone know what I might have missed.
I’m using 1.3.9 Mission Planner , ArduCopter V3.1.5


If its in a case have you checked that it is the right way up?

Sounds like it is upside down!!



You have to set the compass to rotate 180 in mission planner compass settings. That will fix east west problem. After you do the change recalibrate the compass.

Yep, that was it. I clicked the radio button next to the 3DR GPS/Compass, leaving the radio button next to the Manual un-selected. Because of this I didn’t think that whatever was chosen in the drop down list mattered. I guess I was wrong.

I changed the drop down list selection to “ROTATION_NONE”, and clicked the radio button next to the 3DR GPS/Compass, and everything worked great…until a different problem raised its head. :frowning:

Thanks for the help.