Compass Calibration without MP

Hi there, is there a way to do a compass calibration on site, therefore without mission planner nor Droid planner (don’t have bluetooth nor telemetry running at the moment) ?
DJI have this flickering of mode stick on the remote to activate this compass calibration mode, relly looking for an equivalent with Arducopter…

no there is not.

you should only need to do the calib once anyway.

[quote=“meee1”]no there is not.

you should only need to do the calib once anyway.[/quote]

Thanks. The strange thing is that my loiter was working in flying field A, and doesn’t work anymore in B (10kms away), without any change to the system. Even though Alt Hold still works ok…

On DJI products, such as the Phantom, I think they suggest to do this calibration before every flight… maybe just a precaution more than a need then ?

The compass calibration calculates the offsets for the sensor in x,y,z directions to close magnetic interference from the frame. It only needs to be done once. The isse you may be seeing is that the declination is out due to local anomalies. If you adjust that, you may resolve the issue. You will need a gcs so you can check that the drone heading is pointing on the map where you expect it to be pointing