Compass Calibration Issues

I keep getting cut short while doing a compass calibration anyone else noticing this?

over usb or telemetry?

eith case have you checkd for interruption to the comms such as a loose cable or bad comms?

Connection is stable no issues there.

How long is it taking? Is it throwing an error? Or just cutting short and not finishing? Or does it just say “complete” all on it’s own?

The new calibration routine will quit automatically when it thinks it has enough data. You can actually turn that feature off though, there’s a checkbox around there somewhere.

It just cuts off early, I will look for that check box to see if I can get a better Compass Calibration.

I assume that the 2nd compass is the external is that correct? I have it mounted away from the tail boom by about 4 inches which is 3d printed so no metals.

Actually, I believe the second compass is the internal if you have two connected.

If you have only 1, then the first is the internal. If you have two, the internal gets bumped to #2, and the external is #1. 90% certainty on that info.