Compass calibration broken

Compass calibration is broken for me on 4.0.2 and master on a KakuteF7Mini and Pixhawk1-1M. When I click start I see id:0 0% but then nothing else happens.

@andyp1per I have master based on your last commit loaded on a CubeOrange, just tested compass calibration and works normally. Is this break on a more recent build?

I dunno - could be my environment I suppose, I am having all sorts of problems with the Windows drivers on the latest master. This is from a rebase as of today.

Just loaded latest master and compass cal works normally for me on Cubeorange

Try doing the old live calibration… There was a keyboard shortcut to get back in to it… Ctrl or Shift while you click on the compass calibration screen.
For some reason, a year and a half ago, I had to do the live cal first on a new FC, and after that, the onboard cal would work.
I think whatever was causing that issue was fixed… But eh… .worth a try.

I tried via mavlink and that did not work either

Ignore me. There is no feedback unless you actually move the vehicle!

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You just made my day, good to know I’m not the only one that does such things


I wonder whether we should always increment the progress to 1% as soon as we get to step 2, that way at least you get some feedback in the GCS