Compass_cal_fit - default to 100?

Doing an audit of my parameters, I discovered that I had compass_cal_fit=100

This is clearly outside the range of valid values. My guess is that when “copter” sees this, it causes copter to fall back to some other default value.

I’ve done manual compass calibrations for the years - and never had an issue. And I’m 100% certain that this value was not set by me. I don’t know if it was a default, or perhaps set by the compass_learn=3 calibration routine.

I found this on my Hexsoon EDU-450 - where I used the parameter file for that copter on Mission Planner when I first set up this copter. Perhaps the parameter setting was there.

Before I set this parameter to a valid number, it would be nice to know what copter is doing with the value of “100” set for this parameter.

Thank you!

There are not any compass parameters in the Hexsoon EDU-450 parameter file. You can see this using the “load presaved” pulldown in MP. I think you would have to work pretty hard to set this >32. This took some doing using QGC and checking a few boxes to override max values.

I don’t know where this parameter got set - all I know is I don’t remember setting it. In fact, I don’t remember this parameter even existing.

So - obviously “100” is out of range. I’ll set it to something in it’s valid range. But I’m curious what value is being processed for this parameter with such an out of range value.