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Companion Computer without APsync

(Faik Vural) #1

Do I need to install APsync to become a companion computer ?

(James Pattison) #2

No. APSync is provided as a convenient way to set up a companion computer. Maverick ( from @fnoop and GoodRobots is a great option too.
Or you can just start with a bare OS and only add what you need (pymavlink, Mavlink Router, mavros, DroneKit, etc).

(Faik Vural) #3

Thank for answer. Do you know when release APsync for jetson nano

(James Pattison) #4

One of the devs (Jaime) has done that in his own branch:
I’ve got no idea how well tested it is, or if it will be pushed upstream to the project.

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(Faik Vural) #5

Thank’s Mr. James. I try as soon as.