Communicating using RPi through USB

Hi all,

I’m building a hex copter that utilises beam riding control system. I checked the document on how to connect the RPi to PixHawk. However, I need the same pins for my sensor system. I want to know what are the changes that need to be done for the commands when connecting the RPi USB port to the PixHawk micro USB port(or telemetry port which I am not sure) and communicate via MavLink.

Mentioned Specs:
-Raspberry Pi 3B+
-PixHawk Cube

I would greatly appreciate the answers!

The input on the Raspberry is a simple serial port. You can add another serial port with a serial to USB adapter. The same thing is also built into your Pixhawk when you connect to the USB port. But I’m not sure if you can use the USB port mid flight, because I think if there is a connection on the USB port the flight co troller assumes it is running stationary. Bit I’m not sure on that one, maybe someone a bit more experienced can confirm or deny that.

Hi Vabe,

Thanks for the reply. I am more concerned about the changes in the command for the terminal. I assume following the instructions in the mentioned document wont work. If it is the same, then I guess I’ll take that as an answer.

I think in there you have to change the port, from /dev/ttyAMA0 or whatever it is called to something like /dev/ttyUSB0…

Because AMA0 is the GPIO serial port, and you have to use the USB one in your case.