Commercial Frame for QuadCopter

Hello guys!

Bruno from Brazil here!

I am looking for recommendations on a commercial quadcopter frame for propellers until 7", specially an affordable one that will not put me into vibrations troubles.

Anyone can kindly give me some recommendation?

Best Regards,
Bruno Bagarini

Hi Bruno-I really like the iFlight Chimera frames. Largest is 7”. See Andy’s 7”LR blog. It’s a very rigid frame with quality parts. Availability may be a problem. I was on a wait list for many weeks. Not sure if ~$90 fits your budget.

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It seems a really nice option! I wasn’t aware of this manufacturer.

You would recommend me to stay away from the very cheap options with printed arms? Maybe these can be way flexible and ruin the controlability right?

Weight, durability all come into play when using 3d printed drones. Carbon is often the best weight and strength. If you own the 3d printer and can easily print new components then i’d say go for it if you had one you wanted to try but that frame posted and the build log by andy are spot on and get you a very very great flying frame. I have played with a few printed frames albeit at much smaller size and weight 3" and 250g and under but those are very small compared to a 7".


I agree with @anon53993083 re: a printed frame unless it is monocoque with some experienced design effort behind it. We have seen some impressive examples of those on here on occasion.

Perhaps as print material technology improves it could be an option. We are experimenting with 3D metal components (not for drone applications) and other than the very high cost it’s looking positive.


Thank you guys for the tips!