Collision prevention with Sonar and APM 2.5

Hi guys!

I am new here and I got some questions. I hope I can get some good answers from you.

I will build a Quadrocopter with an APM 2.5.

  1. Is it already possible to build a collision prevention with sonar sensor on an APM 2.5? I read it will be possible in future. Is that right?

  2. Could I connect other sensors to the APM then that ones sold here? If, is that sensor usable for some kind of interrupts, like stop if you get an ‘1’ from it?

  3. Is there a possibility of connecting another Microcontroller Board to the APM 2.5 and let them interact?

  4. Can I use the Input-Channels 6 to 8 for special actions. “Do that if the signal on Ch 8 is higher than…”

Thanks for your answers

Good day!

From my humble experience, I can tell you that all what asked for here is purely a programming task. You can add code to do anything you wish. But I’m almost positive that ardupilot does not do any of these functions out of the box.

Now i have build the Copter and did the first flights with it. But till now I didn´t get a real clue of how to realize a collision prevention.
So here comes my second try. Please, somebody may help me with this problem.
Isn´t there someone who did something like this before?

I hpe to get a good clue from you!

Good Day