Cloning Mission Planner source from GitHub failed

Hello, before I begin to explain my problem: thank you to all who try to help me!

I would like to start with ArduPilot. In order to this I installed the needed programs and files like described in
Right now, I am on the point to install Visual Studio (already installed) and to clone the Mission Planner source from GitHub. Under it is described how to do this. I did so, but when I cloned my fork of Mission Planner there is this error after the command ‘git submodule update --init --recursive’:

error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object 687c7c0272d310df527679bdc54af181057
Fetched in submodule path ‘ExtLibs/mono’, but it did not contain 687c7c0272ec9adf527679bdc54af181057. Direct fetching of that commit failed.

I would love to begin programming - so thanks to all people helping me very, very much!

Have a nice Easter holiday!

Additional edit: during cloning with GitHub Desktop it complains about a pointer to a path which does not exist…

You don’t need the submodule update, unless you planning to build it with mono (why should anyone would like to do that :smiley: )

Thank you very much for this fast and helpful answer! ;D
Also without the submodule update, there are 59 errors in spite of trying to “defeat” them in the descripted way… :frowning:
In addition to this, Visual Studio complains about not supported projects: 1) UsbSerialForAndroid 2) Xamarin.Android 3) Xamarin.iOS, although I have installed all the tools from the doc.
I hope you can also solve this problem(s)! :wink:

Have a nice evening!

You have to either install Mobile Development tools for Visual Studio, or unload the three projects that you mentioned above. (Alos don’t forget to change Any CPU to x64 or x32…)

Thank you sooooo much! You are my hero of the day! After installing Mobile Development tools there are not 59 errors anymore, but without ONE last goofy error it is not possible for me with my luck… :sob:
I have already searched through the forums but I could not find anything:

There is no error-code in VS; description: ILT0014: Failed to compile interop source code . See the build log for error details.; the project is Xamarin.UWP.

I hope (and I am sure) that you can help me again (and I also hope that it is the last time that I get on your nerves :sweat_smile:)