Clockwise motors heating more than counterclockwise motors

hello everyone,
I’m new to ardupilot community i recently set up my new quad copter and had weird issue where my clockwise motors were way hotter than counter clockwise motors after looking at the data flash logs the rcout of motor 3 and 4(clockwise motors) were higher than motor 1 and 2 so i would request kind people at ardupilot community to take a look at the data flash and help me…
link for the data flash logs:
please help me

Hi Vikram!

Most commom cause for this behavior is motor misalignment. Take a look on the motor mounting, more than 1.5 degree is enough to cause this difference between CW and CCW motors.


This is almost always caused by a mechanical yaw bias on the frame. Twisted motor mounts, twisted arms or frame distortion. They need to be leveled.

You are using old firmware and haven’t done the Pre-Maiden flight Initial Parameter Setup found in Mission Planner in the Mandatory Hardware section.
Poor tuning, which you have, can also cause motors to overheat.


Hi could you suggest the best way to tune the controller?

Update the firmware
Perform the Initial Setup Parameters
Configure the Dynamic Notch filter
Run Autotune.