Clock does not count in TIME param of OSD

I have an MinimOSD V1.0 flashed with Minim OSD Extra r621. Tried to connect it to 2 different FC, APM2.6 (Copter heli 3.2.1) and Pixhack2.8.4 (Copter heli 3.5.7) , all params display well except the clock does not count, even after there is GPS 3D fix.

It takes me a lot of time to find this version (r621) to display well most param. Attached are the param for APM 2.6 and Pixhack 2.8.4.

Any help is appreciated.

Param_______Pixhack 2.8.4__Copter heli 3.5.7.param (13.5 KB)

Param__APM2.6__Copter heli 3.2.1.param (5.4 KB)

Do you mean the flight time clock is not counting even though you’re flying?
Paste a screenshot of the main settings page of the osd config program.

The clock suddenly starts to count. The OSD has all sorts of problems, each time with different scenario. To get display on GCS, it makes difference if you power up

the FC (which powers the OSD module, both stage at 5V ) first or the video + camera first. This

is one of the scenarios which causes problem.

Anyway, thanks for help.

Sounds like some hardware or wiring issues.

I use the MinimOSD NightGhost Extra firmware, be sure to install the Mavlink version (not PX4).
Make sure your serial port is set to mavlink1 protocol (not mavlink2)
I also set TELEM_DELAY to 2 seconds, not sure that I needed to but i thought all the components had enough to do right after bootup, let things stabilise before sending telemetry.