Choosing a replacement autopilot

So… I cooked my Chinese Pixhawk px4 board. It was a good board, but I wanted a smaller one to fit in a 3d printed frame I’d like to use anyway. As of today, I have no choice but to replace the board.

Is there any resource out there for comparing the plethora of autopilots that are supported by Arducopter? Every time I think I’ve found “the one” I then find something that makes me want to keep looking.

Is there one or two that are thought of as the best you can get or is it entirely personal preference among the 15 or so that Arducopter supports. It seems obvious to me that F4 based boards are outdated compared to F7, but what about closed boards like the dual core parrot board?

I could spend a few days and put features into a spreadsheet for a proper comparison, but I’m kind of hoping that someone’s already done the work or that there’s something of a consensus in the community that will at least help me nut it down to a couple?

Good day, mRo x2.1 with F4 MCU and the pixracer r15 are good flight controllers… in case you don’t want use the F4 you can look for the x2.1 777.
F777 MCU is more powerful than MCU765.

Thanks for the idea, I actually did a bunch of looking at the ST site and found the H7 chips were pretty nice compared to previous models. I ordered a durandal from holybro. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be any smaller but we’ll see. The dual processor and speed should be very nice.

Just be sure that durandal have the new mcu coz the previous version was faulty and code was not supported

I’m thinking of the CUAV V5 Nano - it’s not exactly the smallest and doesnt have an isolated IMU but should be able to do Dshot on all outputs

I have a couple of the CUAV v5 nano’s and they work great. And yes they support dshot on all outputs. I just put one on a tarot 810 frame. I used a carbon fiber isolation plate and run the neo v2 pro can GPS and it is awesome

Just be sure that durandal have the new mcu coz the previous version was faulty and code was not supported


Can you be any more specific? Holybro doesn’t say exactly which variant of the STM32H743 they are using. Which mcu is “the old” one? Luckily I should be able to replace it as long as the new version is pin compatible with the old…

Good day, the issue found in durandal MCU was in the revision Y of the STM32H743/53, the revision V or X are new versions

Holybro confirmed it’s the STM32H743II variant, but did not state which revision.

Luckily I’ve got a hot air rework station, so if I get the board with Y then I’ll replace the chip. I went ahead and ordered a rev V MCU from mouser, as it’s only $11.

The chip supports external SDRAM according to the data sheet. Too bad it’s not an open board, I’d love to throw some more memory at it. cest la vie. Hopefully the world will see some of the open platforms update to STM32H processors this year. It’s not really all that expensive and offers vastly more than previous ST processors.

Good day, dont forget that if you want replace the MCU it will resist only 10 seconds during the soldering operation…more than 10 seconds it will be damage.

Yeah, and they just had to use the BGA package when LQFP was an option…

From the sound of it, you’ve had to replace this or similar chips yourself?

Yes, i’ve already done in on an old flight controller…its not easy coz near the MCU you can find really small smd resistors…and other components…if you damage it you can trash the fc. You must also consider the electric routes on the board…etc

Ugh the thing got stuck in Hong Kong customs… now it won’t be here until Monday. Figures. The day after spring break ends :slight_smile:

In other news, I guess this STM32H7 is kind of a big deal. There’s a new arduino board coming out any day that’s based on STM32H7. Unfortunately it’s over $100. Sooner or later there will be knock-off boards though. The chip is cheap enough that even with genuine parts it could easily be around $20. Gotta love open hardware.