Choosing 3dr radio with or without RTS CTS

About this page: The link to the HKPilot shows a radio kit with 6 pins (RTS CTS included) but if you look at the provided cable, they are only four wires. So no RTS CTS? This is not the case of the mRo SiK (6pins wire). So my question, is this control with RTS CTS a nice to have feature or can it be egal without? Thanks.


From my experience I got better range and stability after using RTS/CTS on chinese SIK modules. So if you got the cable, you lost nothing to use this feature

@khancyr, thanks for the answer. Now I’m also using a 2.4G Wifi telemetry module with small range, but I’ve seen interesting antenna range booster for around 20$, some people reports 2 or 3 km range, so maybe I will give a try.