ChibiOS Pixhawk

It has been a while since i updated my tricopter to the latest Arducopter, im still on 3.6.

Back then the status of ChibiOS was that some features were still not implemented.

How is support for it now? Are all the features from Nuttx ported over? What is the recommendation?

Thanks :slight_smile:

All Chibios! I don’t think there is any reason to stick with Nuttx. This has been true for awhile now actually. I’m not sure that Nuttx is even available with latest Stable.

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I checked the release notes and didn’t see anything related to ChibiOS being stable or Nuttx being removed, that is why i asked :smiley:

@rmackay9 what are your thoughts? :slight_smile:

Even I, a die-hard NuttX user, have switched - it’s safe and recommended

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:smiley: Then im sold :smiley: :handshake:

As @dkemxr and @andyp1per say, it’s all ChibiOS now. Copter-3.6.x was the parallel period where both NuttX and ChibiOS were available and this allowed us to complete the port and ensure no features were missing. That’s all done now. ChibiOS is smaller, more efficient and faster than NuttX so no need to maintain both operating systems anymore.

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Thanks Randy. Sounds great, i will give it a try :slight_smile:

I switched to ChibiOS a long time ago (in beta) and it outperforms Nuttx in every way possible in my opinion and I use it on both my T-Rex 600 Pro and T-Re 700 DFC. BOTH fly awesome with it. I once did a side by side comparison, my 600 had Nuttx, my 700 had ChibiOS, and I swear my 700 flew more stable. The logs didnt show any differences really, but I swear ChibiOS flew more stable and seemed to react faster. It could just be me and there was no difference but since that day, Nuttx has been a memory and no longer used.

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