ChibiOS ArduCopter + 4in1 esc

Greetings ArduPilots!

My first post here. May not be the correct location so please assist if I should move this.

I have a Pixhawk 2.4.8 running ChibiOS 2.7.something (I think). In any case, it is the version necessary in order to configure BLHeli Pass through for ESCs.

This setup was working beautifully a week ago. Then the USB on my Pixhawk broke off somehow. So I have replaced with a new Pixhawk and have been trying to configure the ESCs. No dice.

Here is the steps I perform and results

  1. Power up the aircraft
  2. Pixhappy tunes play
  3. ESCs power up and arm immediately (without activating the safety switch!) Each esc beeps intermittently without stopping. Motors turn erratically (though in the correct direction).
  4. In BLHeli Suite (16bit), if I connect then click on ‘Check’, the motors will stop spinning and stop beeping as the ESCs are read.
  5. However, once I go to the ‘Motors’ section of BLHeli Suite, the esc will again power up and the props will start to spin erratically and the beeping will return.

Mind you, this all worked perfectly last week, so I know I have the right pieces. I’m just wondering if I’ve pooched a setting somewhere either in Arducopter or perhaps in the firware for the BLHeli.

Any input greatly appreciated!